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Fertility Acupuncture, A Pleasant Surprise


If you’ve been following me a while, you’ve seen me try some out-of-the-box methods in our fertility journey. I was desperate to try anything and my OB/GYN was the one that actually recommended acupuncture to me. This particular method follows the non-traditional route and was honestly surprised when she leaned this way. The funny thing about it though was she said she has no idea why it works but she’s had countless patients fall pregnant after receiving treatments.

First and foremost I must tell you that I am TERRIFIED of needles. While going through this fertility journey and the ectopic pregnancy, I’ve been forced to face my fear as I’ve had well over 20 blood draws over the past six months on top of a few IV’s. Acupuncture needles are tiny but I still wasn’t overjoyed paying to have someone stick me with them.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get in to see the recommended acupuncturist until after I went through the miscarriage. When I finally did call to make an appointment, she had a decent wait – which is always a good sign. I couldn’t get in to see my reflexologist/massage therapist for like two solid months and waiting was the best thing I could have ever done because she is a Godsend! If you are ever going to a practitioner ask around and I always recommend doing your own research!

First Visit

When I walked in, there were a ton of people waiting in the waiting room – a lot more than I anticipated. Having worked in many different medical offices I love to observe how different practices operate. The owner and main practitioner in the practice was the one I was seeing and the hallways were lined with baby pictures, so I knew I was in the right place. If you are curious about acupuncture for fertility, I highly recommend you find someone that has a specific focus on fertility.

My practitioner was warm when she greeted me and guided me into a dimly lit room treatment room. We went over my full medical history and came up with a treatment plan. Since I had all my hormones tested thoroughly and all the rest of my bloodwork came back regular with my general practitioner she wasn’t concerned with a hormone imbalance.

I used to work with awesome physical therapists so knew what the needles looked like (acupuncture needles are the ones they use for dry needling) but really had no idea what the acupuncture treatment would entail. After going over her game plan, she asked me to lie back on the table and she just went straight for it!

Unlike dry needling, I learned that the needles are placed in specific points and left there. I honestly didn’t even feel them, and I even had one between my eyebrows. She didn’t really guide me on what to do after they were all in but she just left the room for about thirty minutes. In her office, she had calming music playing throughout and there was a warming blanket under me.

I tried laying still and being calm but when I’m forced into any situation where I’m required to relax it’s IMPOSSIBLE. Honestly, she said whether I actually relaxed or not didn’t affect the actual treatment.

Moving Forward

My plan had me coming in twice a month, once before ovulation and then again before menstruation. I didn’t feel anything abnormal after my first treatment which was nice, not that I expected anything to begin with. I have heard nothing but great things about women getting pregnant with acupuncture with a diagnosis of unexplained fertility. After the ectopic, we were instructed to wait a few months to begin trying again so we just recently started on the journey again!

Some acupuncturists can be extremely expensive and the first visit is always more expensive but I pay around $60 a visit. If it was more than twice a month, I’m not sure we would pay out of pocket for it but so far I’m trusting the process!


As I mentioned in my fertility cleanse post, I highly recommend that you discuss all alternative methods and treatments with your doctor. Unfortunately, not all understand or believe in them but it doesn’t hurt to at least inform them if you’ve made the decision to go through with them. My OB is very research-oriented with her practice methods and as I mentioned above, she was the one that recommended I go to an acupuncturist. She said, “I have no idea why it works, but it just does.”

On the third visit, I finally relaxed. What I recommend is have your practitioner shut off the lights. Most times, they will leave you in the room for like 20 minutes and it’s much easier to relax or fall asleep if it’s nice and dark. She often puts a heating lamp over my uterus and that alone is worth the $60.

I’ve yet to get pregnant, obviously, but have laparoscopic exploratory surgery scheduled for tomorrow. I’ve dealt with a considerable amount of pain since my ectopic and it may be the reason why we haven’t fallen pregnant yet. Keeping the faith!

Will let you all know how my surgery goes! Shoot me a comment under the post if you have any questions about acupuncture, I’m going to be couch bound for a while after tomorrow so I’ll have a ton of time to respond and write!

Do I recommend acupuncture though? Absolutely, but only if it’s reasonably priced. I’m at the point that I’ll do just about anything for a healthy baby and with every new endeavor, I’ll keel y’all in the loop!



Chelsea Roh


  1. Jessica
    April 12, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    No questions, just prayers and love your way 🤗

  2. Jayme
    April 17, 2019 at 12:59 pm

    I’ll pray for you, Chelsea. God has a plan, even when we dont understand it.

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